How To Reverse Money On Capitec App

The Capitec app provides a convenient platform for money transfers and other financial transactions. However, sometimes mistakes happen, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to reverse a payment. Fortunately, reversing money on the Capitec app is a simple process that can be done in just a few steps.

To reverse a payment on the Capitec app, start by opening the app on your smartphone. Navigate to the “Transact” section and select “Payments.” Here, you will find a list of your recent transactions. Find the transaction that you want to reverse and swipe left on it. A menu will appear, giving you the option to “Reverse Payment.” Tap on this option, and confirm your decision to reverse the payment. The money will then be returned to your account.

It is important to note that there are some limitations to reversing payments on the Capitec app. According to Capitec’s terms and conditions, you can only reverse a payment that has not been claimed by the recipient. If the recipient has already claimed the funds, you will need to contact them directly to arrange a refund. Additionally, some payments, such as electronic funds transfers, may not be eligible for reversal. Therefore, it is essential to double-check your transactions and ensure the payment can be reversed before initiating the process.

In conclusion, the Capitec app offers a straightforward method for reversing payments. By following a few simple steps, you can easily reverse a payment that has not been claimed by the recipient. However, it is crucial to keep in mind the limitations and exceptions mentioned in Capitec’s terms and conditions. Always review your transactions carefully and ensure that the payment is reversible before proceeding. With a little caution and attention to detail, you can successfully reverse money on the Capitec app when the need arises.

Introduction to Reversing Money on Capitec App

The Capitec App is a convenient mobile banking application that allows Capitec Bank customers in South Africa to manage their finances on the go. One of the useful features of the app is the ability to reverse a transaction, which can be handy if you have made a wrong payment or need to cancel a payment for any reason. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to reverse money on the Capitec App.

Step 1: Open the Capitec App

Begin by opening the Capitec App on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to access your account securely.

Step 2: Log in to your Capitec Account

Enter your mobile banking login credentials, including your username and password. If it’s your first time using the app, you may need to sign up and create an account before logging in.

Step 3: Navigate to the Transact Tab

Once logged in, you will be directed to the home screen of the Capitec App. Look for the “Transact” tab, usually located at the bottom of the screen, and tap on it to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Select “Get Cash”

Under the Transact tab, you will find various options. Locate and tap on the “Get Cash” option, which will allow you to reverse money on the app.

Step 5: Choose “Reversal”

After selecting the “Get Cash” option, you will be presented with different transaction types. Select the “Reversal” option to proceed with reversing a specific transaction.

Step 6: Provide Transaction Details

In this step, you will need to provide the necessary transaction details to initiate the reversal. This includes the date, time, and reference number of the transaction you wish to reverse. Make sure to enter the correct details to ensure a successful reversal.

Step 7: Confirm and Submit

Once you have entered the transaction details, carefully review them for accuracy. If everything appears correct, confirm the transaction by tapping on the “Submit” button. This will initiate the reversal process.

Step 8: Await Confirmation

After submitting the reversal request, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the process has been initiated. The reversal may take some time to be processed, depending on various factors such as the type of transaction and the time it was made.

Step 9: Check Transaction History for Reversal Update

To ensure that the reversal has been successfully processed, navigate to the “Transaction History” section of the Capitec App. Look for the specific transaction you requested to reverse and verify that it now shows as reversed or canceled.


Reversing money on the Capitec App is a straightforward process that allows you to correct any erroneous transactions or cancel payments when needed. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily initiate a reversal and ensure that your financial transactions are accurate. However, it is important to note that not all transactions may be eligible for reversal, and it is advised to contact Capitec Bank’s customer support if you face any difficulties or have further questions.

In conclusion, the article has provided a step-by-step guide on how to reverse money on the Capitec app. Reversing a transaction can be done by accessing the app, navigating to the transactions tab, selecting the incorrect transaction, and choosing the option to reverse it. However, it is important to note that there are certain conditions and limitations to be aware of when attempting to reverse a transaction, such as the transaction being within a specific time frame and the availability of funds in the account. It is also recommended to contact Capitec support if any issues or questions arise during the process. Overall, the information presented in the article offers a helpful resource for those seeking to reverse a transaction on the Capitec app.

FAQ: How To Reverse Money On Capitec App

1. What is a reversal of money on Capitec app?

A reversal on the Capitec app refers to the process of undoing a previous transaction and retrieving the funds back to your account.

2. How can I initiate a reversal transaction on the Capitec app?

To initiate a reversal transaction on the Capitec app, follow these steps:
– Open the Capitec app on your mobile device.
– Login to your account using your personal identification details.
– Navigate to the “Transactions” or “Payments” section depending on the app version.
– Locate the transaction you wish to reverse and select it.
– Look for the option to “Reverse” or “Undo” the transaction and click on it.
– Follow the on-screen instructions provided to complete the reversal process.

3. Can I reverse any type of transaction on the Capitec app?

Not all transactions are eligible for reversal on the Capitec app. The possibility of reversing a transaction depends on the specific type of transaction involved. Certain transactions, such as bill payments or transfers to other bank accounts, may have different reversal processes or limitations. It is recommended to contact Capitec customer support for inquiries about specific transactions.

4. Is there a time limit to initiate a reversal on the Capitec app?

Yes, there is generally a time limit to initiate a reversal on the Capitec app. The specific time limit may vary depending on the type of transaction. It is important to initiate the reversal as soon as possible after the transaction to increase the chances of success. It is advised to check the Capitec app or contact customer support for the exact time limits associated with specific transactions.

5. What happens after initiating a reversal on the Capitec app?

Once a reversal is initiated on the Capitec app, the funds from the original transaction will be deducted from the recipient’s account and returned to your account. The transaction will be reversed, and the amounts involved will be adjusted accordingly. It may take some time for the reversal to be fully processed and reflected in
your account balance.

6. What should I do if the reversal on the Capitec app is not successful?

If the reversal on the Capitec app is not successful or if you encounter any issues during the process, it is recommended to contact Capitec customer support immediately. They will be able to assist you further, provide guidance, and resolve any problems you may be facing.

Please note that this FAQ is intended to provide general information on how to reverse money on the Capitec app. It is always advisable to refer to the official Capitec app documentation or contact their customer support for the most accurate and up-to-date instructions and guidance.

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