How To Breed Whizbang On Light Island

Breeding Whizbang, a rare and mesmerizing monster on Light Island in the popular mobile game My Singing Monsters, requires a strategic approach and an understanding of the breeding mechanics. This whimsical creature possesses a unique combination of traits and melodies. To successfully breed Whizbang, players must follow a step-by-step process and consider specific factors that influence breeding outcomes. In this article, we’ll explore the secrets and techniques of breeding Whizbang on Light Island.

Firstly, it’s crucial to note that breeding Whizbang on Light Island can be a challenging task due to its rarity. Whizbang belongs to the Rare Wubbox element, which means it can only be bred with specific combinations. Breeders often have a higher chance of obtaining Whizbang by using monsters with specific elements or referencing breeding recipes provided by fellow players. For instance, breeding a Bowgart with a Kayna can sometimes yield a Whizbang. However, there are multiple potential combinations, and experimenting with various pairings is highly encouraged.

Secondly, the structure of islands and the level of the monsters used for breeding can also impact the chances of successfully breeding Whizbang. Players should aim to upgrade their structures and level up their monsters on Light Island to increase their breeding success rates. By improving the structures and leveling up the participating monsters, breeders can significantly enhance their breeding odds. Players can focus on constructing important structures like the Breeding Structure and the Nursery to maximize their chances of breeding Whizbang.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that breeding times play a significant role in the incubation process for Whizbang on Light Island. The time required to hatch a Whizbang egg might vary depending on the particular breeding combination used. While some combinations may result in shorter breeding times, others might take longer. It is advisable to consult breeding charts or online forums for accurate information on breeding times associated with different combinations. Patience and persistence are key when attempting to breed Whizbang.

In conclusion, breeding Whizbang on Light Island in My Singing Monsters requires a combination of strategic breeding techniques, knowledge of specific breeding combinations, attention to island structures, and careful consideration of breeding times. By following these steps and experimenting with various pairings, players increase their chances of successfully breeding this whimsical and enchanting monster. So, summon your inner monster breeder, heed these tips, and embark on an exciting journey to bring Whizbang to life on Light Island!


Breeding Whizbang on Light Island in the game My Singing Monsters can be a exciting challenge. Whizbang is a rare Monster that possesses a unique light element. This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully breed Whizbang on Light Island.


To begin breeding Whizbang, ensure you meet the following requirements:
1. Unlock Light Island: Light Island is a special island in My Singing Monsters that can be unlocked by reaching level 8 in the game.
2. Obtain Breeding Structures: You will need at least one Breeding Structure on Light Island to initiate the breeding process.
3. Acquire Suitable Monsters: You need to have specific Monsters possessing the required elements for Whizbang breeding. These elements include Entbrat, Deedge, and Bowgart.

Breeding Combination

Follow this breeding combination to increase your chances of obtaining Whizbang:
– Entbrat + Deedge

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these steps to effectively breed Whizbang on Light Island:
1. Place the required Monsters into the breeding structure: Make sure you have both Entbrat and Deedge available on Light Island. Tap on the Breeding Structure and select these Monsters to place them inside.
2. Activate the breeding process: Tap the “Breed” button to start the breeding process. This will initiate the countdown timer for breeding, which varies from a few minutes to several hours.
3. Wait for the breeding period to end: Keep an eye on the countdown timer and wait until it reaches zero. The breeding process cannot be speeded up in the game.
4. Hatch the resulting Monster: Once the breeding period ends, you will receive an egg. Tap on the Breeding Structure again to hatch the egg and reveal the Monster inside.
5. Check the outcome: If the breeding was successful, the hatched Monster will be Whizbang! If not, repeat the breeding process with the same combination until you obtain Whizbang.


Remember, breeding Whizbang on Light Island requires persistence and luck. The outcome is not guaranteed with each attempt, so be patient and keep trying until you achieve the desired result. Good luck!

In conclusion, breeding Whizbang on Light Island in the game My Singing Monsters requires a specific combination of monsters. By following the recommended breeding combinations, players can increase their chances of successfully breeding Whizbang. Additionally, utilizing the Wubbox, Dipsters, and Celestials can provide further assistance in breeding rare monsters. With the right strategy and patience, players can add Whizbang to their collection of unique monsters and enjoy its enchanting melodies on Light Island. Happy breeding!

FAQ – How to Breed Whizbang on Light Island

1. What are the elements required to breed Whizbang?

To breed Whizbang on Light Island, you will need the following elements:

  • Plant Element
  • Fire Element
  • Earth Element
  • Light Element

2. Which monsters can I use to breed Whizbang?

You can use any combination of monsters that contain the required elements. Here are a few examples:

  • Shrubb (Plant) + Reedling (Water)
  • Clamble (Earth) + Bowgart (Earth)
  • Entbrat (Earth) + Tweedle (Cold)

3. Are there any specific breeding combinations for Whizbang?

No, there are no specific breeding combinations for Whizbang. As long as you have the required elements, you can use any monsters that possess those elements.

4. What is the breeding time for Whizbang?

The breeding time for Whizbang is 14 hours.

5. Where can I place Whizbang on my island?

Whizbang can be placed on Light Island, as it is a Light-element monster. You can create its habitat and assign it a suitable spot on the island.

6. Can I speed up the breeding process for Whizbang?

Yes, you can speed up the breeding process for Whizbang by using diamonds or by applying boosters like the Enhanced Breeding Structure.

7. How rare is Whizbang?

Whizbang is a rare monster, meaning it may take several breeding attempts before successfully obtaining it.

8. Can I buy Whizbang from the market instead of breeding?

No, Whizbang cannot be directly purchased from the market. You can only obtain it through breeding on Light Island.

9. Does the level of my monsters affect the breeding outcome?

No, the level of your monsters does not affect the breeding outcome. The breeding results are solely based on the specific combination of elements.

10. Can Whizbang be bred on any other island?

No, Whizbang can only be bred on Light Island. It requires the presence of the Light Element to be successfully bred.

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