How To Breed Epic Hoola

If you are a fan of My Singing Monsters, you must be familiar with the epic Hoola monster. This adorable creature with its charming looks and soothing voice can be a valuable addition to your musical island. Breeding an epic Hoola may seem challenging, but with the right approach and a bit of luck, you can successfully create this extraordinary monster.

To begin the breeding process, you need to understand the elements required to achieve epic Hoola. This monster can be bred by combining the four basic elements of Plant, Cold, Water, and Earth. Ensuring that you have these elements on your breeding structure is the first step towards success. Additionally, having higher-level monsters with these elements increases the chances of breeding an epic Hoola.

Timing is crucial when attempting to breed an epic Hoola. The combination of the four required elements should be made at specific times, referred to as “celestial events.” These events occur once a month, during the 24-hour period when the full moon is visible. By timing your breeding attempts to coincide with celestial events, you increase your chances of producing an epic Hoola.

Ultimately, breeding an epic Hoola requires patience and persistence. It may take multiple attempts during celestial events to successfully breed this monster. However, the reward of having an epic Hoola in your collection will be worth the effort. Remember to keep your breeding structure equipped with the necessary elements and try during each celestial event to maximize your chances of success in obtaining this unique monster.

In conclusion, breeding an epic Hoola in My Singing Monsters can be an exciting challenge. By ensuring that you have the required elements and timing your breeding attempts with celestial events, you increase your chances of successfully obtaining this rare monster. Remember to have patience and keep trying, as the joy of having an epic Hoola on your musical island will make the effort worthwhile.


Breeding Epic Hoola in My Singing Monsters is an exciting task that allows you to obtain a rare and unique monster. Epic Hoola possesses a distinctive appearance and brings a unique set of skills to your monster collection. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the step-by-step process of breeding Epic Hoola.

Step 1: Prepare the Required Monsters

Before you can start breeding Epic Hoola, you need to ensure you have specific monsters available in your roster. These monsters include:

1. Hoola: Hoola is a common monster that can be easily obtained by purchasing its egg from the in-game market. Hoola is required as a parent to breed Epic Hoola.

2. Four-Element Monster: Epic Hoola is a quad-elemental monster, meaning it consists of four different elements. To breed it successfully, you should have a four-element monster available in your collection. Examples of four-element monsters include T-Rox, Quibble, and Rare Pummel.

Ensure that both Hoola and the four-element monster are fully matured before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Create the Breeding Structure

To breed Epic Hoola, you need to place Hoola on the left side of the breeding structure and the four-element monster on the right side. This setup increases the chances of obtaining Epic Hoola.

You can place the monsters in any order, but it is generally recommended to place Hoola on the left side to increase the likelihood of getting Epic Hoola.

Step 3: Initiate Breeding

Once the breeding structure is set up with Hoola and the four-element monster in their respective positions, you can initiate the breeding process. Tap on the “Breed” or “Start” button, depending on the game version you are playing.

Step 4: Wait for the Breeding Period

After initiating breeding, you will need to wait for the breeding period to elapse. The breeding period for Epic Hoola is typically 48 hours. During this time, the game will calculate the chances of successfully breeding Epic Hoola based on the selected monsters.

Step 5: Hatch and Nurture

Once the breeding period ends, you can hatch the resulting egg and welcome Epic Hoola to your monster collection. The hatched monster will have unique features and attributes specific to Epic Hoola.

Remember to place Epic Hoola in an appropriate habitat and provide it with food to nurture and level it up. As Epic Hoola levels up, it will unlock various special abilities.


Breeding Epic Hoola in My Singing Monsters requires the combination of a Hoola and a four-element monster. By following the steps outlined in this guide and having patience, you can successfully breed Epic Hoola and enjoy its remarkable appearance and skills. Happy breeding!

In conclusion, breeding an Epic Hoola in My Singing Monsters can be a challenging but rewarding process. By following the recommended breeding combinations and strategies, players have a higher chance of obtaining this rare monster in their collection.

It is important to remember that patience is key when attempting to breed an Epic Hoola. The breeding process can take multiple attempts and some luck, so players should be prepared for the long haul. It may be advantageous to use a breeding structure to increase the odds of breeding rarer monsters.

Additionally, players should prioritize leveling up their monsters and improving their overall in-game environment. A higher level and happier island can significantly increase the chances of successfully breeding an Epic Hoola.

Lastly, it is worth noting that breeding an Epic Hoola requires a combination of specific monsters, such as a Shugabush and a Rare Pango. Players should keep an eye out for limited-time promotions or events that offer these rare monsters.

Overall, breeding an Epic Hoola requires dedication, perseverance, and a bit of luck. With the right combination of strategy and patience, players can enjoy the satisfaction of adding this formidable and impressive monster to their My Singing Monsters collection.

FAQ: How To Breed Epic Hoola

1. What is an Epic Hoola?

An Epic Hoola is a rare and powerful monster in the game “My Singing Monsters.” It has higher stats and unique features compared to regular monsters.

2. How can I breed an Epic Hoola?

Breed using the following combinations:
– T-Rox + Shrubb
– Maw + Clamble
– Dandidoo + Pango
– Quibble + Cybop
– Pummel + Spunge
– Reedling + Entbrat

3. What are the chances of breeding an Epic Hoola?

The chances of breeding an Epic Hoola are generally low. The regular chance is 1%, but during special events, the chance might increase.

4. Are there any specific breeding conditions for an Epic Hoola?

No, there are no specific breeding conditions for Epic Hoola. It can be bred at any time without requiring specific structures or decorations.

5. Can I speed up the breeding process for an Epic Hoola?

Yes, you can speed up the breeding process by using diamonds. Diamonds are the premium currency in the game which can be used to instantly complete breeding and hatch times.

6. How long does it take to breed an Epic Hoola?

The breeding time for an Epic Hoola is usually around 48 hours. However, this time can vary slightly depending on the version of the game and any ongoing events.

7. What is the appearance of an Epic Hoola?

Epic Hoola has a unique, vibrant coloration compared to its regular counterpart. It also possesses intricate patterns and additional visual flair to make it stand out.

8. Can I breed more than one Epic Hoola?

Yes, you can breed multiple Epic Hoolas in the game. However, the chances of breeding each one are independent, so it might take several attempts to obtain multiple Epic Hoolas.

9. What do I get when I breed an Epic Hoola?

When you successfully breed an Epic Hoola, you will receive an egg that can be hatched into an Ep
ic Hoola. It can then be placed on your monster islands to sing and generate rewards.

10. Can I breed an Epic Hoola using two Epic Hoolas?

No, it is not possible to breed an Epic Hoola using two Epic Hoolas. Epic Hoolas can only be obtained through specific breeding combinations involving regular monsters.

Note: This FAQ provides general information on breeding an Epic Hoola in the game “My Singing Monsters.” The chances and combinations mentioned might vary based on game updates and events.

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